July 28, 2012

Be Strong

When you have a good heart,

you often help too much,

give too much,

and love too much.

Yet it always seems that 

you're the one

who hurts the most.

The only thing you can really do

is to let the tears flow 

while trying to convince yourself,

beg yourself,

and tell yourself....

"I have to be strong!"

July 26, 2012

For Me

For me

Seems like I don’t exist anymore
It’s like I don’t mean anything
I have questions but no answers
So tired of being confused

Do I really even matter?
You changed me completely
And I remember how it used to be
Now I feel like standing in the back of the line

Time for a change in my mind
I’ve opened my eyes
I need to start living my life for me
Because this is not how it’s supposed to be

It’s time for me to shine
No more feeling insufficient
I have to make the hard decisions
I am doing this for me

July 25, 2012


God hears every unspoken word,

sees every unseen wound,

and mends every unbearable pain.

You just need to have

a little FAITH

Positive Energy

Positive energy  and thoughts

can do amazing things for us.

Motivate yourself 

to succeed and become 

an optimistic thinker and doer!

July 22, 2012

Clean Heart

Sometimes your life can leave you feeling betrayed and bitter.
 That's okay--acknowledge and name what you're feeling--
and sit in your sorrow for a while.
But when you're ready to brush yourself off 
and get back on top of the world,
let it go.

When you consciously cleanse hard feelings out of your soul,
 you make room for more uplifting and positive experiences,
and people to come into your life.
You can see current opportunities in your life
when you stop wasting your energy on maintaining the hurt and bitterness. 
So don't stuff your feelings;
cleanse them.

Make today the day you affirm 'my soul is cleansed of hurt and bitterness'--
and take a step toward doing something affirming--
one that fills you with feelings of self-worth, 
fulfillment, and connection to life and others.
You are worth it.
Do it now.


CLARITY unlocks the fullness of life.

It turns what we have into enough, and more.

It turns denial into acceptance,

Chaos to order,

And confusion to clearness.

It can turn a meal into a feast,

A house into a home,

A stranger into a friend.

CLARITY makes sense of our past,

Brings peace for today,

And creates a vision for tomorrow.

July 20, 2012

Walk Away...

At some point you will realize

that you have done too much for someone,

that the only next possible step to do is to stop.

Leave them alone.

Walk away.

It's not like you're giving up,

and it's not like you shouldn't try.

It's just that you have to draw the line

between determination and desperation.

What is truly yours will eventually be yours,

and what is not, no matter how hard you try,

will never be.


by Janet Mullaly

Forgiveness is not easy
to give to others when we're wronged,
but if we do not give it
our hurt and pain will be prolonged.

Like a wound that is infected
and gets worse as time goes by,
we can not just ignore it
no matter how hard that we try.

Sometimes there are no reasons
for the things that people do,
no excuses or explanations
that justify what they put us through.

But remember...Jesus told us to forgive
the same way our Father forgives us,
so we can move toward the love
instead of staying bitter and callused.

Forgiveness releases the negative
that has consumed and taken over,
it frees us, to love and live again
as our hardened heart grows softer.

Yes...forgiveness can be very hard
but it's something we must do,
if we want God to forgive us 
then...we must forgive others too!

Love versus Hate

HATE is for the weak

LOVE is for the strong

It takes more to love someone who did you wrong 

than it does to hate them. 

July 18, 2012


Make the most of each day!

Set goals - minor or major.

At the end of the day

you will have that feeling

of fulfillment and accomplishment!

Morning Prayer

In the morning, O Lord, YOU hear my voice. 

In the morning, I lay my requests before YOU 

and wait in expectations.

Psalms 5:3

Don't forget that the moment you first wake up

in the morning is the MOST WONDERFUL

of the twenty-four hours.



Heavenly Father, please give me...

MERCY every morning

GRACE for every day

NEW HOPE for every trial

and COURAGE all the way!



APPRECIATE those who love you

HELP those who need you

FORGIVE those who hurt you

FORGET those who leave you


LOOK back and be grateful

LOOK ahead and be hopeful

LOOK around and be helpful

No Matter What....

No matter what happens today

keep your heart open

refuse to judge

pray for a miracle

and see what occurs....

July 17, 2012


Strength is when the tears are streaming down your face,
but you manage the last two words, "I'm Ok."

Fix a Heart

Fix a Heart

by Demi Lovato

It's probably what's best for you
I only want the best for you
and if I'm not the best
then you're stuck

I tried to sever ties
and I ended up with wounds to bind
like you're pouring salt in my cuts

And I just ran out of band aids
I don't even know where to start
cause you can bandage the damage
you never really can fix a heart

Even now I know what's wrong
how could I be so sure
if you never say what you feel, feel

I must have held you hand so tight
you didn't have the will to fight
I guess you needed more time to heal

Baby I just ran out of band aids
I don't even know where to start
cause you can bandage the damage
you never really can fix a heart

You must be a miracle worker
swearing up and down you can fix
what's been broken yeah
please don't get my hopes up no no
baby tell me how could you be so cruel

It's like you're pouring salt on my cuts

Baby I just ran out of band aids
I don't even know where to start
cause you can bandage the damage
you never really can fix a heart

Baby I just ran out of band aids
I don't even know where to start
cause you can bandage the damage
you never really can fix a heart

You never really can fix my heart

July 13, 2012

July 11, 2012

Breathe Again

Breathe Again

Have you wondered how it feels

When it’s all over

Wondered how it feels

When you just have to start anew

Never knowing, where you’re going

When you face a brand new day

It used to be that way

Now I just close my eyes and say...

I just want to breathe again

Learn to face the joy and pain

Discover how to laugh a little

Cry a little, live a little more

I just want to face the day

Forget about the walls of yesterday

Maybe if I hope a little

Try a little more

I’ll breathe again...

Starting out again is never easy

Disappointments come and go

But life still moves on

With a bit of luck

It’s a brand new start

That might just work my way

I need to walk away

Don’t want to live a life’s replay

Things will work out fine
I know I can find the courage

To look past the light

To see the break of dawn
To finally breathe again.