January 04, 2013

My Word for 2013

Ahhhh….Geeze  Wheeze  J……2013…WOW! Another year!  Just as my life (and yours) swiftly went through the year 2012, the anticipation of January arrived the minute Christmas ends. Despite freezing cold temperatures here in Korea and frost glittering the ground under a thick coat of ice, January brings with it the tantalizing hope of spring, and a fresh new start. As I continue my “Word of the Year” tradition, I do believe that January is not only for one to make (or keep) tons of New Year’s Resolutions (honestly speaking, I don’t do them), but a good month to self-reflect on the past year, and likewise, to re-evaluate what is important to you.
For the Year 2013, I am choosing one word to come back to, one word to remember, one word to motivate me, and one word to inspire me.
My word for 2013 is intentionality: the state of having a purpose.
“Intentional living” is becoming a bit of a cliché phrase, but when I considered other words for this year, nothing spoke to me quite as much. When I think back on 2012—the good and the bad, the pretty and ugly, the things I did well and the things I should have done better—I was struck with the realization that mindlessness has become a real problem for me.
It’s hard not to blame my different roles for this issue. My days are often long, and almost all the same: work, school, home…and repeat. It’s easy to get caught up in the steps, and do it all over again tomorrow.  Which means, it’s also easy to spend the entire day without putting very much thought into anything at all because I’ve been so used to the routine. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life, but sometimes, just like everybody else, I get distracted and I end up doing things that are thoughtless. I realized that I am not doing things that are deliberate and purposeful. I need to believe that divine intentional living should be flowing to me and in me.
Mindlessness is a tough habit to break, but I’m determined to do it. I want my days—good and bad—to be filled to the brim with intentions. I want to put purpose back into my time, my relationships, my words, and my actions. I am entering 2013 with hope and clarity. You are, of course, are more than welcome to join me.
In 2013….
Let’s be intentional with our time. We need to make space in our schedules so that we can feel motivated and not overwhelmed. That might mean saying “NO” to obligations that are filling up our calendars, but not filling up our hearts. Let’s turn off the TV and spend more time with our loved ones or in our gardens; less time in front of the computer and more time face-to-face with the people we barely see and do some much needed catching up time. Let’s give closure to the past and focus on the days ahead. And lastly, as a Christian, less time with the world, and more time with God.
Let’s be intentional with our relationships. We need to invest in good relationships and let go of the ones that are depleting us. We should believe in this perspective…. (1) I am love, (2) I am loved, and (3) I am loving. Therefore, choose wisely and remember that nothing should be unintentional, unwanted, and a waste of time. Let’s believe that everyone deserves to be loved fully and completely. And more importantly, let’s not forget our relationships with ourselves. Let us allow love, health, and wealth flow abundantly into our lives. Always believe that we are worthy, enough to allow miracles to happen every day.
Let’s be intentional with our words. Let’s say what we mean, and mean what we say. Let’s be real and vulnerable and honest. Let’s ask for advice when we need it, and stop shelling it out when it is unsolicited. Let’s speak truth into each others’ lives and leave the gossip at the front door. Let’s stay positive, unaffected by the negative words and attitudes of others. Let’s say I love you and please and thank you and I appreciate you more often, without hesitation.
Let’s be intentional with our actions. Let’s love one another better. We need to exude kindness and compassion. Let’s be kinder to strangers and kinder to ourselves. Let’s be responsible for creating happiness in our lives. We should begin each day bright, happy, alert, and empowered. Let’s run and walk and skip and be good to our bodies. The age of our bodies should have no bearing on what we do or who we are. Let’s remember that we are infinite beings, capable of expecting the best for ourselves.
And remember, intentionality goes along with this….

A new day. A new year.  Let’s not let it go to waste, but do good with it.

~ Ella~