October 29, 2015

She Knew

I love getting up an hour earlier than I have to and just spend time with myself 
before the day gets the best of me.  
I make my usual cup of coffee, read my bible, and from there, 
my heart starts feeling a lot of love for this life God has given me.   
This morning, I came across this quote 
and I just wanted to share with all the ladies out there, 
especially those who are feeling shaken and unbalanced, 
frightened and hopeless, 
confused and weakened, 
trapped or lost....

God created us for a reason,
something bigger than we can imagine.  
HE loves us during our high moments, 
as well as during our low moments.  
HE lights up everything in front of us, 
we just need to be able to look in the right direction
in order to take that first step to go beyond what life has to offer. 
Remember, you are worth more than you think, see, or feel. 
HE created us to be the symbol of love, hope, strength, courage, and determination.  
So let's all get up and be renewed, refreshed, and ready....
for the life in front of us 
is just waiting for us to take the lead.  

September 08, 2015

Word of the day

Since moving here in Richmond Hill, GA (about a month ago 

actually), the rain has been continuous. 

Lately, thunderstorms and lightning are a classic feature 

making it an unsetting time of the year for sufferers of 

astraphobia like me.  With the house sitting in the middle 

of a 6 acre land, I see lightnings striking at different points 

 which makes it all scary at times ~ not to mention, the

sound of thunder making Chanel and Diamond 

hide under the bed.  I guess, they too, have are 

suffering from astraphobia.  

Oh well....

September 07, 2015

Oh Diamond....

Someone enjoyed playing outside all day....now peacefully sleeping!

Oh Diamond....you are something else!  

I love you Sweetheart!

Long Weekend

Finally.... a long weekend...

September 01, 2015


It's finally S E P T E M B E R

.....my favorite time of the year!

August 31, 2015

August 27, 2015


Every time you smile at someone,

it is an action of love,

a gift to a person, 

a beautiful thing.

~ Mother Theresa

Choose HAPPY

We can all be that way just because we choose to be. 

When we wake up each morning we can decide to be happy 

no matter what is happening to us or around us. 

It’s our choice and there is so much to be happy about. 

For starters…we woke up. 

Today is a gift and gifts are meant to make you happy!

August 21, 2015

Hyatt Regency Club Member

Breakfast Time 

Yummy Spread/Buffet

Getting fueled for a very long day!

Walden University ~

A Higher Degree ~ A Higher Purpose 

Beautiful Hyatt Regency Hotel, Atlanta GA
19 Aug - 23 Aug 2015 

The Last One

Walden University Prospectus Panel/

Residency 4/Seminar/Conferences — 

traveling to Hyatt Regency Atlanta.

August 17, 2015

Fountain of Youth

Fountain Of Youth

Aging. We are all going to do it no matter who we are, where we live, or what we believe. Yet I have found there is much intense fear and shame around the most human thing we can possibly do. What exactly is “getting older”? Chronologically and physical changes, are objective markers. Yet I have noticed the biggest mental distinction between someone who is “old” or “young” has to do with how they measure the present against the past. They start their sentences with, “it used to be like…” or “in my day….” More often than not, the present can’t hold a candle to a romanticized illusion of the past, and the statement takes on a woeful frustrated tone. People of any numerical age can do this, and anyone can choose not to.

Well, I choose not to ~ for I believe in the freedom of embracing change and focusing on the NOW. I am very aware of the past, of people I have known, choices I have made, and how decisions and experiences have led me to where I am today. But I don’t use those events as a ruler against the now. The past is helpful to me only if it offers perspectives and insights of how I can enjoy in the present. By fully comprehending that there is no one moment better than another. I am free to live my forty-six year old life with novelty, interest, and investigative curiosity. Nevertheless, I find aging in a clearer context rather than summing it up with a number ~  

I am aware of all the physical changes happening in my body, not to mention my endurance level, capacity, and reactions to all environmental factors. I remember this quote from Samuel Ullman when I celebrated my 40th birthday, “Nobody grows by living a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.” Nowadays, I find humor in naming few of my wrinkles around my eyes; they are Innie, Minnie, and Moe, etc... And probably in the next few years, they will multiply and dominate not only my face, but my neck, chest, etc. And no matter how much face cream or moisturizers I use, my own wrinkle population will breed exponentially.

No doubt, I have aches and pains too, not only from the overall physical demands and injuries from my years of service in the military, but also from the day to day regenerating physical activities related to my normal living. But I know that’s part of aging. I also remember somewhere hearing that if all the people in a room could lay their aches and pains or problems out on the table and then choose among those laying there, most folks would pick up the ones they laid down. Chances are they’ve learned how to live with the problems they have, and wouldn't want to have to learn to live with new ones. Remember the adage; the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence? If you cross over to the other side and look back, the grass is greener on the side you came from.

I remember writing about change and  mentioning the phrase “Age is only a number” few years ago when I turned 40. I’ve received numerous comments on some of my pictures about having a secret of staying young. Well, there is no secret at all.  I just learned that the trick of being “young” at any chronological age is to embrace and accept changes, and conversely, to be surrounded by the people who loves me.  Moreover,  in every acceptance, I found gratitude for the ability to live without having to resist them. I just turned 46 last week (Aug 14 to be exact),  and these past few days, hours, and minutes, life has shown me that I will continue to have a much easier and happier time if I dance with impending changes once again instead of trying to step on its toes.

So as I begin another chapter in my life, changes are coming at me on a more direct line of fire. Am I dodging them or putting on a protective gear to avoid them? No. I am not doing that, rather I am accepting them wholeheartedly. Change itself gives us the opportunity to age not only gracefully, but happily. In every decisions, we are presented with the chance to become more confident, more at peace with ourselves, to be happy, and to feel blessed and content. I also realized that change itself is “not bad” and it is “not wrong.” Am I worried about the criticisms of others and concern for the need of approval from everyone? No! I am strong enough and wise enough to understand that my choices are my decisions. They don’t know my whole story and my plight. They don’t know my pains, struggles, and discontent, therefore, they don't have the right to judge me. My story and my past belong to me! It goes along with my mantra for this year, which is  "I NO LONGER" by Meryl Streep...(posted in my blog).  I only have the time and patience for those who truly respect me, understand me, and love me unconditionally.  

And on my birthday, as I looked at my birthday cake, surrounded by my Lovey, children (that includes my dogs Chanel and Diamond), listening to the Birthday song, and slowly closing my eyes, I did not make any wish or wishes this year…. I simply prayed:

“Heavenly Father, a year has passed and as I do every day, I commit my life to You, under Your Kingship and wing. Guide, forgive and empower me this year to make it a victorious fulfilling and awesome year, all to Your glory! Thank you for my life ordained and set out by You! Thank you for choosing me – to come to the earth and be an instrument. Thank you for the GRACE, SALVATION, MERCY, LOVE and all the other many things you bless me with everyday. I realize that health, strength, sanity, ability, relationships, experiences and trials are there to bless me and keep me close to you. Thank you for the privilege to Praise and Worship You! I love you!”

Goodbye 45 - H E L L O  46

Happy Birthday to me!

Enough Is Enough

One important part of self regard is feeling that you have a “voice” ─ 

that you have the right to be listened to and heard in a way that helps

 you have some control over what happens in your life. 

When you can speak up and stand up for yourself, 

you are, in effect, saying to yourself and the world,

 “I am a significant person whose ideas and words are worthy of respect.” 

Sometimes you have to tell yourself....




@ Skull Creek, Hilton Head Resort, SC

Favorite Escape

Bookstore, my favorite escape has a thousand books. 

The colors, hues, and touch of every cover suddenly turns into a door with magic hinges.  

Hilton Head, SC 2015

Life is Good....

The Beach


God is truly amazing....

HE created this beautiful masterpiece called THE BEACH  


"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will."
~ Romans 12:2

Distractions can separate us from the good things that HE promised us. From time to time, I struggle with this exact same thing, with my long to-do lists, family dramas, moments of loneliness, negativity, fake friends, and all sorts of unexpected chaos. It's exhausting, both physically and mentally because a lot of my energy is put towards taking care of everything and everyone else. In effect, my focus to God slips through the cracks as my day progresses. Ergo, each morning, I place everything as an offering to HIM ~ that no matter what my day will bring, I will focus and feel HIS loving embrace. After all, through HIM ~ I can do all things! 🙏

So, to those who say, "mornings are not pretty," hmmmm....for me, it's a good and magical thing! 

Blessed   M O N D A Y 💋


God is light. In HIM there is no darkness 

- 1 John 1:5

🙏- 1 John 1:5

Always Something...

especially TODAY

Thank You Message

To all my wonderful friends and families,

Your messages, texts, calls, and gifts were the perfect embellishment on my birthday.

 Honestly speaking, your wishes have just blown me away, and that no matter how hard I 

try on my own, I will never be able to replicate the warmth and love you have shown. I love 

you all and THANK YOU for loving me. 

~ Ella

I No Longer....


Birthday 2015

Goodbye 45.....HELLO 46