September 08, 2015

Word of the day

Since moving here in Richmond Hill, GA (about a month ago 

actually), the rain has been continuous. 

Lately, thunderstorms and lightning are a classic feature 

making it an unsetting time of the year for sufferers of 

astraphobia like me.  With the house sitting in the middle 

of a 6 acre land, I see lightnings striking at different points 

 which makes it all scary at times ~ not to mention, the

sound of thunder making Chanel and Diamond 

hide under the bed.  I guess, they too, have are 

suffering from astraphobia.  

Oh well....

September 07, 2015

Oh Diamond....

Someone enjoyed playing outside all peacefully sleeping!

Oh are something else!  

I love you Sweetheart!

Long Weekend

Finally.... a long weekend...

September 01, 2015


It's finally S E P T E M B E R favorite time of the year!