October 29, 2015

She Knew

I love getting up an hour earlier than I have to and just spend time with myself 
before the day gets the best of me.  
I make my usual cup of coffee, read my bible, and from there, 
my heart starts feeling a lot of love for this life God has given me.   
This morning, I came across this quote 
and I just wanted to share with all the ladies out there, 
especially those who are feeling shaken and unbalanced, 
frightened and hopeless, 
confused and weakened, 
trapped or lost....

God created us for a reason,
something bigger than we can imagine.  
HE loves us during our high moments, 
as well as during our low moments.  
HE lights up everything in front of us, 
we just need to be able to look in the right direction
in order to take that first step to go beyond what life has to offer. 
Remember, you are worth more than you think, see, or feel. 
HE created us to be the symbol of love, hope, strength, courage, and determination.  
So let's all get up and be renewed, refreshed, and ready....
for the life in front of us 
is just waiting for us to take the lead.