February 01, 2016

'Been in this chair since 6:30 am --- 

prepping and doing some planning 

before everyone is up and before I head up to my Spa Day.

It's going to be a great day!

The Fashionista Planner ~

My Planner Title in the Planner World

Another great part of THE FASHIONISTA PLANNER's Office

Yes, I am very organized and I love PINK

Happy Corner

One of the best part of 


is this chair and ottoman...

Indeed, A Happy Corner..

These Two....

Awwww, found these two passed out in the family room... 

So precious....

Of course Diamond is snoring.....LOL

Tassels are LOVE ~

My Love for Tassels....

A great way to accessorize 

my planners and purses

Minty Planner Dress-Up ~

One of my favorite planner dress-up

 is this mint color A5 Simple Stories Planner 

from Carpe Diem.  

It's even more beautiful 

with my favorite accessories.

Now we are fashionably ready....

Good Read ~

Such a relaxing day....I read this and it's really good

"You might never fail on the scale I did, 

but some failure in life is inevitable. 

It is impossible to live without failing at something, 

unless you live so cautiously that you might as well

 not have lived at all - in which case, you fail by default." 


Drunken Chicken

* Dinner is Served *

~ Drunken Chicken with Potatoes and Brown Rice ~ 


LV Planner Dressed Up

My Purple Epi LV Planner 

is now dressed up and fashionably adorned 

with matching paperclips, a pink tassel, 

and dashboard that I made.

~ Love Love Love ~

Blues and Greens

The Blues and Greens Washi Tape Collection

Planner Clips

I made these paper/planner clips

Washi Tape Overload



These are just some of my favorites for the moment...

Late Post...Xmas 2015

Made this magical planner cover during the holidays...

Planning Session

Enjoying a hot cup of coffee @ my favorite Coffee Shop

 while doing some planning..

I love Stickers

Still not done, 


is looking good so far...

'Still searching for a lot of my planners....hmmm


After searching through the left-over unpacked boxes from our move, I finally found these beauties...

Ahhh...now it's time to get THE FASHIONISTA PLANNER's office set up

'Still have to find the other MIA planners...


Special Ordered these from my favorite Erin Condren ~ 

Now it's time to get rockin' on my dissertation